2021-2022 SEASON

For the 2021-2022 season, classes will begin August 9th and end on May 28th. Students are placed into classes based on their age as of September 1, 2021. The first half of the year will be spent learning technique and gaining strength and flexibility, and the second half of the year will be spent improving technique and learning a recital dance!


Check out the calendar for more information regarding holiday studio closures and our yearly recital. Tuition is charged monthly.

Each class requires a specific dress code. Please refer to our dress code page for information regarding class attire for each class.

Little Movers
Ages 3-5
Young Ballerinas
Ages 5-7

BTJ Combo (ages 3-5)

BTJ Combo combines ballet, tap, and jazz dance into a one hour class. We start the class with tap and change into our ballet shoes for ballet and jazz halfway through the class. BTJ Combo is an excellent introduction to dance fundamentals for preschoolers.

Students will gain: coordination, rhythm, and listening and responding skills

Little Movers Acro Gym (ages 3-5)

Acro Gym is a place where your preschooler can jump, roll, leap, balance, and tumble safely. Using mats and supporting equipment, students will learn tricks such as log rolls, bunny hops, and somersaults while gaining muscle strength and confidence.

Students will gain: strength, coordination, flexibility


Ballet (ages 5+)

A classical dance form originating in the 1600s, ballet emphasizes technique, athleticism, and grace. Ballet can be learned from a very young age and perfected over a lifetime. Class includes warm up at the barre, across the floor exercises, center work, and variations for more advanced levels.

Students will gain: discipline, technical alignment, balance

Jazz (ages 5+)

Brought into America in the early 1900s, jazz dance is a high energy, entertaining dance form often performed to pop music. Class includes a warm up in the center, across the floor exercises, and combos for incorporating technique and style together.

Students will gain: flexibility, confidence, technique

Hip Hop (ages 5+)

Hip Hop offers a large range of styles including popping and locking, whacking, breaking, and more. Class includes a high energy warm up, breaking down moves and techniques, and combos to build stamina and performance skills.

Students will gain: strength, stamina, style

Tap (ages 5+)

An ever-evolving dance form, tap brings joy to everyone young and old. Taking tap improves rhythm, increases articulation and coordination, and builds aural skills. Class includes a warm up in the center or at the barre, breaking down tap moves, and improving skills across the floor and in combos.

Students will gain: rhythm, articulation, coordination

Lyrical (ages 8+)

Stemming from ballet, lyrical dance uses classical technique to explore new ways to move, express emotion, and perform. Class includes a warm up in the center, improving technique across the floor and in the center, and learning how to perform a variety of emotions. 

Students will gain: technique, flexibility, emotional intelligence

Acro (ages 5+)

Acro is where gymnastics meets dance. By using only floor elements, students learn and master tumbling and acrobatic skills. Class includes a warm up in the center and across the floor, strength building exercises, running passes, and chances to create new moves and sequences. 

Students will gain: strength, flexibility, confidence

Acro 1: all levels welcome!

Acro 2: must have front & back limbers

Acro 3: must have front & back walkovers and working towards side aerial

Musical Theater (ages 8+)

This musical theater class gives students the opportunity to work on acting exercises, learn basic dance technique, and practice performance skills. From learning original Broadway numbers to exercising our own choreographic skills, students will learn theater history and explore their creativity to be the next generation of theater lovers and performers. 

Students will gain: performance skills, technique, confidence

Adult Tap (ages 18+)

Whether you've taken tap for years or have never owned a pair of tap shoes, adult tap is a blast for all ages and skill levels. Set in six week sessions, students will learn tap basics, classic steps in the center and across the floor, and fun combos set to musicals, oldies, and pop songs.

Students will gain: rhythm, coordination, balance

Yoga Strength & Stretch (ages 18+)

This yoga class focuses on strengthening and lengthening specific muscles of the body. An excellent class for waking up the body, working on particular muscle areas, increasing range of motion, or cross training. No yoga experience is necessary! Modifications and variations will be provided throughout each class to provide options for all abilities.

Students will gain: mindfulness, body awareness, full body movement\

Yoga Vinyasa (ages 18+)

By incorporating classic yoga poses in a steady pace, this class is a 55 minute vinyasa flow designed for all levels. Emphasis will be placed on alignment, breath, and mindfulness. No yoga experience is necessary! Modifications and variations will be provided throughout each class to provide options for all abilities.

Students will gain: mindfulness, body awareness, full body movement