Annual Registration Fee

1 Class Per Week

2 Classes Per Week

3 Classes Per Week

4 Classes Per Week

5 Classes Per Week

6 Classes Per Week

7 Classes Per Week

$25 per student

$60 per month

$105 per month

$140 per month 

$165 per month

$190 per month

$215 per month

$240 per month



Tuition is automatically charged monthly and is due on the 1st of every month. Tuition stays the same every month whether there are five weeks in a month or shortened months due to holidays. A $15 late fee is added to outstanding accounts if they are not paid by the 5th. Every student account must have a credit card on file, however payment can be made by check or card. If paying by check, please contact the front desk in writing prior to the 1st of the month to prevent your card from automatically charging. Please review our policies page for more information.


Every class must have at least four students enrolled or else the class could be dropped or rescheduled. If a class will be rescheduled due to enrollment, the front desk will reach out to those already enrolled with options.


We want to get the whole family moving, so we offer a 10% discount for siblings who want to take class as well! This discount is automatically applied to family accounts through registration and only applies to classes in the 21/22 Season.


Private lessons are available for 30 minute or 1 hour increments. These individual sessions are excellent for improving specific skills, practicing for an audition, or working to get into the next level class. Contact the front desk for more information.


Students who miss a class due to illness or vacation can take a make up class at some point within the season. It is important that one student misses no more than five classes in a school year. This allows the entire class to continue learning at a steady pace and is imperative for learning recital dances.

 Refunds are not available for any classes, including missed classes. Contact the front desk for a personalized list of classes that your student can choose from to make up for their missed class.